Orator of the Month

It is said experience is the best teacher confidence doesn’t come with theories, with this in mind Oxford Speakers Academy organizes an in-house Orator of the Month Competition, every month since Jan 2004 and counting.

To make them learn how to speak and to be an Orator is not the only aim but the sum and substance is to create awareness among them on what to speak, why to speak , when to speak and what not to speak as it is ultimately we who are the voice and strength of our nation.

Some participate in the completion with the motive of gaining knowledge some to be a part of the family or it be anything the growth is just not restricted till that but it takes every students to heights of achievements and success as he moves and faces the world outside. As it is said in this competitive era, it is not only important to be cerebral but also salable and for that one needs to have presentation with substance.

Various topics covering different aspects of life are given to awaken the youth. The most unique feature about this contest is no topic, since Jan 2004 has ever been repeated.

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